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The statistical and graphics programming language R is a flexible and powerful tool that allows for imaginative analysis, and new/better ways to present data and information.  See below for examples of using R to asess and characterize the upstream oil and gas industry.  

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Natural gas supply/demand fundamentals
An Illustrative Production Curve for a Light, Tight Oil Well, Shale Oil Well
Permian Non-Conventional Well Stack

3D version of the Gulf of Mexico.  Full relief of the GOM, including Mexico
Alaska Natinonal Wildlife Refuge (ANWR):  Area 1002 Alternative Assessment of Oil Resource Potential
Oil and gas landscape for the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)(3D version)
ANWR oil and gas exploration prospects (3D version)
Map of existing north slope oil fields (3D version)

Permian Basin Estimated Lateral Length for Select Light, Tight Oil Wells, Shale Oil Wells, Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Spraberry
Permian Basin Wolfcamp Shale:  Relative Comparison of Selected Shale Characteristics
USA Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Oil and Gas Production From Federal Waters
Beautiful 3D version of the Gulf of Mexico.  Full relief of the GOM, including Mexico
Estimated Switchover Price Between Natural Gas and Coal Fired Power Plants
Potential Long Range Production Estimate for USA Crude Oil, Shale Oil Bakkan Oil Play Economic Summary (2014)
2017 USA Natural Gas Storage: Rate of Injection, Change Comparison 2017 USA Natural Gas Storage Levels Compared with 5 year History

USA Pacific Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) 3D

USA Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) 3D
USA Natural Gas Futures (NYMEX) and Historical Prices $/mmbtu USA Natural Gas Demand:  Main Natural Gas UsageSegments
China:  External Supplies of Natural Gas China Shale Gas, Sichuan, Relief Map
China Energy Mix Thru 2020 Argentina Gas Production and Reserves
Sources of Natural Gas Reported to Satisfy European Natural Gas Demand USA Oil Production as Driven by Shale Oil and Light, Tight Oil wells
Mexican Flag cutout in an outline of Mexico Approximate Eagle Ford Area Horizontal Rig Activity
USA Onshore County Level Drilling Activity USA Heating Day Heat Map
Economic  Sensitivity for Selected North American Oil Shale Plays  Estimated Supply/Demand Changes in Global Oil Market for 2017 
3D view of a large shale oil development with multiple zones of interest Stop light chart for oil and gas companies

Deepwater, Guyana, Stabroek Block, Liza Development, ExxonMobil