William Severns - Direct Oil and Gas Experience

ARCO North America/International

Engineering Manager and R&D Director for North Sea Operations (1994-1995)    London, UK

·         Supervised engineering for exploration support, new field developments and production operations, including ARCO’s first FPSO operation

·         Oversaw the engineering and fast track development of the Trent and Tyne offshore gas field developments

·         UK R&D: Responsible for establishing R&D spending priorities for a seven figure budget

 Chief Engineer                                                  Java and Bali, Indonesia

·         Supervised all non-drilling, subsurface engineering/reserve determination for the giant 3.5 TCF Pagerungan gas field development, which at the time was ARCO's largest oil and gas development outside North America

·         Oversaw the well completion engineering for start-up of 10 large, multiwell oil platforms in the NW Java Sea PSC

·         Led the effort to design and evaluate wildcat exploration wells in the Bali North PSC, culminating in my team designing and implementing an exploration well test program for the Tanguh LNG discovery well.

Senior Reservoir/Petroleum Engineer  Rocky Mt Region (Denver and Midland)

·         Conceived and initiated ARCO’s Fruitland coalbed methane project –supervised pilot; designed and oversaw first two years of development drilling, which at the time was ARCO’s largest upstream program outside Alaska; the Fruitland ultimately became ARCO’s largest and most profitable asset outside of Alaska

·         Responsible engineer for a large number of leases producing gas from the Pictured Cliffs, Mesa Verde, and Dakota formations in the San Juan Basin.

·         Tight gas sand, fracking specialist – Designed and supervised over 50 fracs across the Rockies Front Range

·         Designed well tests and performed the subsequent onsite test supervision of several gas oriented, exploration wells, including the McIntosh 1-3.

·         Waterflood and CO2 EOR operations/reservoir engineer for several mature fields  in the Powder River and San Juan Basins

·         Responsible engineer for the Sheep Mountain CO2 Unit; new well locations, field supervision, and reservoir modeling and simulation expertise.

Summer 1982 ARCO Gulf of Mexico                                                                                   Houston, TX

·         Gulf of Mexico production/reservoir engineer for the Eugene Island area.

·         Identified several completion opportunities in previously uncompleted sands.

Summer 1981 Cities Service                                                                                                     Liberal, KS

·         Pushed completion unit replacing production tubing in Hugoton gas wells.

·         Assisted company man on a rig drilling Hugoton  infield gas wells: pipe tallies, mud checks, drilling parameter monitoring, etc.

Summer 1980 Amoco Oil and Gas                                                                                        Brownfield, TX

·         Worked as a roustabout at the East Slaughter Unit of the Levelland waterflood.

·         Maintenance work on pump jacks, hand dug ditches for installation of  new injection lines, cleaned out separators, helped build new injection production/headers.

Associated gas contained lethal levels of H2S; became proficient with poison gas safety protocols, and in working while wearing assisted breathing apparatus.