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Bill was the Chief Engineer responsible for overseeing engineering associated with developing Pagerungan (pictured above), a $1 billion, 3.5 TCF greenfield natural gas field on islands just north of Bali in the Java Sea. His efforts included
  • helping arrange the leasing of property for the development
  • supporting gas contract negotiations (a large part of the initial work as Indonesia did not have a well evolved domestic natural gas industry)
  • all subsurface engineering, including
    • building reservoir models to use as tools to help support decision making and designing downhole all completion assemblies
    • designing completion designs
    • vetting and approving acid clean-up designs
  • well locations and vetting well paths
  • production and facility engineering, including
    • the amount and timing of compression requirements
    • evaluating and overseeing the inclusion of a new class of compact heat exchangers
    • evaluation of subsea completion options versus dry tree options and ultimately the design of the subsea alternative
    • corrosion monitoring and inhibition system
  • data gathering requirements, such as production testing, pressure transient test design, open and production logging, fluid collection and analysis, etc.
His group also supported an active exploration program in this production sharing contract (PSC) area. This program resulted in the Sirasun and West Kangean discoveries. His group also designed and supervised the field testing for the wildcat for the giant (13 TCF) Tanggh discovery.